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Our Mission:

When the light of day is entirely consumed by ones’ work, the only times left for social life are early mornings and late evenings. Zimpertec has the objective to provide highly reliable solar off-grid electrification and lighting systems for home and productive use, supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. Thereby we want to contribute to a flourishing social life and create equal opportunities for everyone.

We already started back in 2012

electrifying Bolivian houses and schools with our Solar Home Systems. Since the beginning we have been working with Lithium Ferrum Phosphate cells to reach the most durably designs.

Generating solar energy world wide.

Using the long lasting LFP
cells and Zimpertec BMS for high durability

Bringing electricity to rural areas.

We focus on developing and manufacturing highly efficient and long-lasting products fitting the energy demand of people with no access to the national grid. By manufacturing in a 100% owned factory in China we can surpass market expectations concerning quality and price.

Only high quality helps sustainably.

We combine reliable designs with highly flexible Plug & Play wiring systems into Kit solutions in order to provide the best performance and simple implementation for our users.

We Act!

as an accelerator in rural electrification. Driven by our wide product portfolio from basic DC electrification up to larger scale AC solar home systems. Our Solar Kits support various application and their composition is highly flexible. Starting with the LSX 74 Wh up to a LS AC 5.12 kWh, all PayGo enabled.

Home Use & Productive Use:

Turnkey - Cooling Systems

Foster Education

Empowerment for Local Business

Sunflower - High efficient lighting to improve education

Electrification for Healthcare Services

>30 Countries

Today, our products have reached already more than 30 countries in the world. They are tested thoroughly and operate reliably in harsh environments like the Andes mountain (4000m above sea level) or tropical areas. We partnered with several organizations to increase market transparency and to spread the common goal to end energy poverty.

Gogla, Affiliated alliance for transparency in Rural Electrification
Affiliated alliance for Alliance for Rural Electrification

Product Portfolio

DC LSX Solar Home System 74-294 Wh
DC SHS Solar Home System 320-640 Wh
LS AC Solar Home 2 KW, 2.56 - 5.12 kWh
LS AC SHS 0.3 - 0.7 kW, 0.64 - 1.28 kWh



June: We joined the WAPECC conference in Nigeria (virtually) at 03.-04.06. Contributing our vision of DRE in the session "Accelerating the West Africa Energy Revolution: Challenges & Opportunities" 🏪
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Link to WAPECC Conference regarding the acceleration of the west africa energy revolution.

Product Launch

May: Launch of a new serial product the LS AC 0.3-0.7 kW an extension to Zimpertec LS AC series. A full-fledged ready to go AC SHS designed to offer a basic AC kit to off-grid regions 🔌💡.
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Internal Link to LS AC 0.3 - 0.7 kW

Panel Discussion

May: We participated the EU - India 🇪🇺 - 🇮🇳 panel discussion of EBTC on productive DRE. Pivoting the contribution of DC and AC solar home system to scale up sustainable electrification.

EU-India for rural electrification.


April: Zimpertec was choosen to be an exhibitor at the EU-AFRICA Business Forum 🌍 with their highly reliable productive use shs.
👉 More about the forum:

EU-AFRICA Forum with sustainable cooling.

ARE Conference

March: Zimpertec at the EAIF 2021💡. Productive use of DRE in rural communities is key to enable local growth. 🌾
👉 Replay Session IV

EAIF Conference for productive use and rural electrification.

New Release

February: The 2nd Gen of the LS AC 🌄 was featured in the ARE Newsletter 2021: Digitalisation & Innovation in the DRE Sector.
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Next generation of the LS AC announcement.

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