Uninterruptable Power Supply

In several emerging regions in the world grid is available but is still often unreliable. Therefore, there is a need for uninterruptable power supply systems (UPS), which cover the supply during outages. Especially nowadays, as internet and electricity for secure operation is becoming more and more important also the need of UPS is vital. 

Typical applications are:
  • Rural Medical Centers: ensuring the operation mission critical equipment,
  • Business: continuous power availability for offices,
  • Industrial: securely powering machines,
  • Home Back-Up: UPS system for home use.

The LS AC 2kW can easily act as a UPS combining solar and AC-in to safeguard for hours to days. For regions with longer grid-outages the solar input can safeguard even for several days or weeks. Due to the use off the LFP battery technology in combination with the battery management system (BMS) it can operate in harsh environments.

A sample Case Study of an installation 2019 in Uganda is available for download to get first-hand experience of using the LS AC as UPS. It serves to offer back-up power for 30 offices to be able to continuously have electricity.

The ready-to-use LS-AC solar home system can be easily implemented and still provides a complete solar system including the battery to reduce power outages in long-term.

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