Growth of Societies with Agriculture

Agriculture has always been the key lever for communities, societis to grow. Stable electricity and high power is key to run many applications in the food supply in which the cooling chain is key.

With AC & DC appliances farmers are able to reach more income and are able to feed more people with crops, food and milk.


is a key use case in productive use to enable the end-user to create a business and make a living.

For productive use systems often multiple challenges arise:

  • Resiliency of the system, in case the fridge turns off or is out of power all food goods are damaged.
  • Full battery autonomy even in case of low solar conditions.
  • High power to be able to drive new applications.

We provide a broad range of solar home systems which are highly resilient due to their unique design. All of them able to drive high power loads enabling the operation of productive appliances. Their wide range of system offers the possibility to find the right system to have a full battery autonomy.

DC Farm Electrification:

AC Farm Electrification:

AC Advanced Electrification

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