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Use Cases

In this section we demonstrate use cases and references on how to electrify, but as well how to use the newly generated power to improve the living standards.  

Solar home systems have evolved during the past years to answers the need of people without electricity access. It started with Pico systems and proceeded with small scale solar home systems to power lamps or charge laptops and phones. Electrification is mostly separated in basic electrification and productive use.

Electrification Use Cases:

  • Home electrification,
  • School electrification,
  • Healthcenter centers.
  • Lighting School
    Lighting School
  • Healthcenter Lighting
    Healthcenter Lighting
  • Healthcenter Applications
    Healthcenter Applications
  • LSX Basic Electrification
    LSX Basic Electrification
  • Education
  • Home Electrification
    Home Electrification
  • Basic Home Electrification
    Basic Home Electrification
  • Home TV Kits
    Home TV Kits
  • High Power Electrification
    High Power Electrification
  • Advanaced DC Powering Home
    Advanaced DC Powering Home

Productive of Use of Electricity

With electricity everyone has the chance to build up its own business.  

Due to the use of productive systems the people are able to generate money or even safe life, for example agriculture investments have been estimated be more effective than in others sector. Stable electricity is key to run many applications, for example the food supply in which the cooling chain is key. The same need holds true for offices which need a stable grid to be productive and operate. In a modern world the work without electricity or internet is paralyzed. A more severe example is in case of surgeries in a medical centers during night time, which need light for a successful treatment.

Perfectly suited for:

  • Rural medical centers,
  • Farm, cooling application,
  • Kiosk, shop, restaurant application,
  • Industry application (e.g. AC-Back Up or complete Off-Grid usage).
  • Food Cooling
    Food Cooling
  • Milk Cooling
    Milk Cooling
  • Kiosk Lighting
    Kiosk Lighting
  • AC Back Up for Offices
    AC Back Up for Offices
  • LS AC for Water Heating
    LS AC for Water Heating
  • LS AC to power Factory
    LS AC to power Factory

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