Optimized Off-Grid Components:

We offer a broad range of components around solar home systems, which are optimized for the off-grid use.

Indoor Lamps
Zimpertec LED-lamps for Solar DC applications are high lumen output, long life, reliable lamps for indoor lighting applications. Due to their advanced and unique over temperature protection, for example the SFL series lamps can withstand extreme conditions. Using high frequency switching LED driver technology, Zimpertec lamps provide excellent performance in light efficiency, lifetime and reliability. The unique heat sink design with no fins or gaps avoids any insects or dust blocking the heat dissipation, further improving SFL performance and reliability.

  • Sunflower Lamps
  • Bulp Lamps
  • Tube Lamp
  • Sunflower Mini

Lithium Battery Systems:

All our Solar Home Systems are available even without the preconfigured kits to power your individual application. Storage capacity from 74 Wh up to 640 Wh for operating Lamps, TVs, Fridges and other standard 12V DC appliances.

  • LSX 74 Wh - 294 Wh
  • SHS - 320 Wh - 640 Wh

Battery Charger:

To charge LiFePO4 and Lead Acid batteries:

  • Charge controller for Lead Acid Baterries for front pannel assembly.
  • Charge controller for LFP Batteries for front panel assembly.

Solar Home Accessories:

Various adapters are available to extend the number of applications of a solar home system:

  • Laptop Charger for Lithium Solar Home System,
  • USB-Radio Battery Adapter,
  • Radios,
  • Rice Cooker,
  • Torches,
  • Mobile Phone USB charging adapter,
  • Wire and System extensions.
  • Notebook Charger
  • Smartphone-charger
  • USB-Radio-Battery-Adapter
  • Radio
  • Rice Cooker
  • Torch

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