Growing with the Endusers Need

Yet, there is still a large proporation of human which is not connected to a grid. Let it be in Latin America, Africa or Asia everywhere people need access to clean, longterm and affordable solutions.

> 600 People
only in Sub Saharan

Over the 10 years of Zimpertecs existence, we contributed throughout electrifications in more than 30 countries around the world. We have the developed systems for this which withstand harsh environments and different climate zones. In addition, they are dedicated to reach longevity with longest design life in the market.

Extra long life

Advanced battery management system designed for off grid applications. Including low-battery warnings, system paralleling and single cell monitoring. The single cell monitoring ensures the health of the battery in the solar home system. In combination with high quality battery cells we are able to reach longest lifetime for solar home systems.


All our systems are PAYGO enabled, with a Zimpertec own developed and embedded PayGo switch. To offer an easy-to-use integration to existing PayGo Platforms. In case this is not needed, the functionality is deactivated. This enables operators to lease or rent solar home systems.

Portfolio Overview

Basic DC Eletrification

Advanced DC Electrification

Basic AC Electrification

Advanced AC Electrification

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