DC Power Brick 12 Wh to 36 Wh


It is the Zimpertec entry-level electrification system being reliable and affordable. It is a 3.2 V Plug & Play Solar Home System Kit with a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 3.8Ah/ 7.6Ah/ 11.4Ah. The Zimpertec Battery Management System BMS enables a long system lifetime. Its built-in solar battery charge controller, monitoring system, and load output control ideally take care of the battery.
The DC Power Brick has the PayGo option on demand at the factory level. The Pay-As-You-Go functionality uses the industry-wide Open PayGo standard.
The USB outlet allows 5V USB devices to be recharged or operated. In addition to the two lamp load outlets, it will enable the operation of a third USB lamp.

Power Bricks Kit Datasheet
Datasheet-Power_Brick-PS-Kits-2023-03-22.pdf (362.78KB)
Power Bricks Kit Datasheet
Datasheet-Power_Brick-PS-Kits-2023-03-22.pdf (362.78KB)

The unique LCD will provide valuable and clear system information to the user. For example, the useful battery state of charge with remaining operation time calculation can help the user to manage their energy consumption. The LCD also shows failure codes that can be sent to technicians for fast issue resolution.

The DC Power Brick is based on the highest quality standards, it is designed to reach >2000 cycles. The manufacturing is ISO 9001 certified and the product is Verasol Lighting Global certified (IEC TS 62257).

Product Brief:

  • Long life Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4),
  • LCD for PayGo Data, Remaining Load Runtime, Failure Codes,
  • Highly efficient PSL Lamps,
  • Solar Panel (Poly) 4/6/10Wp,
  • 2 Lamp outlets, with 100 or 140lm Lamps, with 3 dimming levels,
  • 1* Additional External USB Lamp with on/off switch available.
  • 1-Year Datalogger Integrated
  • Power Brick Customer 2
  • Power Brick Customer 1
  • Power Brick Mounting
  • Power Brick Mounted

High Lumen lamps 140-150 lm/W


Combined with the PSL Sunflower LED Lamp, the kit brings rapid light to people. In addition, the built-in 6 m wire and plug for easy installation simplify the system setup.
The lamp buttons on the Power Brick allow three dimming levels for their light output. The Lamps are available as 100lm and 140lm option.
Additionally to the standard PSL, a PSL-USB is available with a 6m cable and on/off switch, which the USB output of the system can power. Furthermore, the USB Output cables can be multiplied by a USB distribution cable.

Zimpertec Solar Home Systems Academy

 Zimpertec offers its accredited partners unique digital training materials with the Zimpertec Academy. The training is tailored to most efficiently train the distributor's employees on general product knowledge, maintenance strategies, and how to repair the product. There are different courses available for Engineers as well as non-Engineers.

General Product Introduction

Applied Maintenance Strategies

How to Repair the DC Power Brick


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