Prepayment System for Solar Home Application

PreP, the electronic payment control system for Solar Home System providers. 

PreP-Sys makes it easy to setup Solar Home Systems with Prepayment functionality. The unique PreP-Key makes prepayment function easy to use for each customer. 


For transfer credit, just insert the Key and press Enter. The unique System ID makes it possible for each System Provider to register the Systems to his payment devices (PreP-Cash). Even to create different sections or areas is no problem, just by
registration of different ID’s. The integrated programmable Charge Controller will take care for the System Battery. With its external
temperature sensor it can get real battery temperature for best adjustment of the charge voltage. With 4 different deep discharge modes the user can adjust the setting according to his demand and battery type. All integrated into PreP installation box with pre-wiring, allows proper System connection and protects the installation from misuse and manipulation. Terminals for Solar Panel connection and Battery wire with Anderson connector makes it easy to setup the System. 4 sets of screw terminals for load connection make the load wiring safe. 














System Wiring




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* rugged PWM controller for

   Lead Acid batteries

* easy to use prepayment 


* Data Key for Payment and

   Data transfer

* Installation box integration