Lithium Solar Battery Systems for Solar application

Litio Solar Systems are designed for Solar Home and portable power applications. Storage capacity from 51Wh up to 640Wh  for operating Lamps, TVs, Fridges and other standard 12VDC appliances.












The built  in LCD display allows the user to get detailed information on remaining  operation time of the connected loads until the battery is empty, Battery  SOC, Charging and Discharging status. The built in charging algorithm ensures  optimized operation of the long life LiFePO4 battery under all environmental  conditions. The USB outlet allows many 5V USB devices to be recharged or  operated.









More application information, see "Solar Home System Kits":









· Long life Lithium (LiFePO4)

  rechargeable battery 

· Battery capacity range: 51Wh 

  to 640Wh / 12.8V

* Pay as You Go enabled