CC-NiMH: Battery Charger for NiMH Batteries

CC-NiMH is optimized for Solar System Applications. The micro controller monitored and controlled charging process will stop charging after full battery for energy saving propose. Therefore it can be used even for small solar systems and can be operated from a various  DC power source as solar panel, 12V lead acid battery, 12.8V Lithium Systems (within specified voltage limits). Each of the 4 charging channels can operate independent, charging is possible from 1 to 4 batteries, at any mix of capacity and state of charge applying AA and AAA size NiMH types.


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  • Solar Charger for  NiMH batteries
  • Size AA and AAA
  • Single cell charging
  • Wide input voltage range
    •    Solar panel
    •    Solar battery 12V
    •    Combination with LS-Solar
  • LED display for each cell