Innovation in Off Grid Technology

Optimized Off-Grid Components

Indoor LED Lamps:

High frequency drivers with no electrolytic capacitors and advanced thermal design and thermal protection makes Zimpertec's 1 to 10W LED lamps excellent for long term performance even under harsh environment.

Lithium Battery Systems:

Litio Solar Systems are designed for Solar Home and portable power applications. Storage capacity from 51Wh up to 640Wh for operating Lamps, TVs, Fridges and other standard 12V DC appliances.

Battery Charger:

For various types of Batteries Ni-MH - Nickel Metal-Hydride, LiFePO4, Lead Acid:

  • Charger for Lead Acid Baterries. Charge controller for front pannel assembly,
  • CC-NiMH is optimized for Solar System Applications.

Solar Home Accessories:

Various adapters are available to extend the number of applications of a solar home system:

  • Laptop Charger for Lithium Solar Home System,
  • USB-Radio Battery Adapter,
  • Mobile Phone USB charging adapter,
  • Wire and System extensions.