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Solar Street Light

SL serieslamps are high lumen output, long life, modular and reliable lamps for roadway lighting and other public or private outdoor lighting applications. Using the reliable Luxeon Rebel-ES® -LED, which provides excellent performance in light efficiency, lifetime and temperature reliability for the Zimpertec Light Engine. Integrated lenses together with the high transparency PC-Cover lead to an optimized light pattern on the road, which can provide good light distribution even with pole spacing up to 30 m apart. The newly designed aluminum die cast lamp is protected by a high quality powder coating finish.The heat sink is designed for optimized heat dissipation as well as for best appearance.The low draft angled fins resist soiling, enabling the thermal performance to be maintained over the full lifetime of the lamp. By combining the SL11 and SL15, a large range of different total power ratings from 11W to 60W can easily be implemented (11W, 15W, 22W, 26W, 30W, 33W, 37W, 41W, 45W, 52W, 56W, 60W). Simplify your warehousing using modular lamps!

  • High efficiency LED luminaire, ultra low profile,
  • Integrated lens for optimized light pattern,
  • Modular approach 11W – 60W (wide power range by application of one or several luminaires),  
  • 12V, 24V LED driver, dimmable,
  • Luminaire IP65 rated,
  • Built in vapor exchange membrane for long LED life time,
  • Waterproof connectors,
  • Full thermal protection,
  • Powder coating,
  • LED life time >50,000h.
Solar Street Light
Technical Documentation
Datasheet-SL-Series-2016-11-10-EN-short.pdf (249.96KB)
Solar Street Light
Technical Documentation
Datasheet-SL-Series-2016-11-10-EN-short.pdf (249.96KB)

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